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Bitte unterzeichnen Sie diese Petition !!!

Dies ist eine Petition an den Präsidenten von Indonesien, die in Auszügen um Folgendes bittet:

Als Mtglieder der Internationalen Gemeinschaft bitten wir Sie, Ihre ganze Kraft dafür einzusetzen,
um den illegalen Fang, Verkauf und Export von “geschützten” und gefährdeten Vögeln in Indonesien
sowie die illegale Abholzung, welche deren Untergang bis zur Ausrottung beschleunigt, zu reduzieren
Obwohl Sie Gesetze zum Schutze dieser Vögel haben, werden sie kaum oder äusserst selten angewandt.
Von Sarem haben ihre eigenen Soldaten viele Kakadus mitgenommen als oleh-oleh (Souvenirs). Leider
hat die örtliche Schutzeinheit in North Maluku (SBKSDA) selbst viele Genehmigungen für Kakadus erteilt,
die der Fang-Quote Null unterliegen. Desweiteren gibt es wenige oder gar keine wirksamen
Schutzeinrichtungen für Vögel, die während des Fangs oder des Smuggels verletzt wurden.


Bitte lesen Sie hier (in englisch) die komplette Petition und klicken Sie dann auf den
Schaltknopf "Click here to sign petition" am Ende der Seite. Sie kommen dann
automatisch auf die Seite, auf der Sie dann nur noch Ihren Namen, email-Adresse und
Wohnort/Land eintragen müssen.

  • Hinweis: bei der Auswahl, wie Ihre email-Adresse gehandhabt werden soll, gibt es 3 Möglichkeiten:
    - "Private" bedeutet, Ihre email-Adresse wird nur zum Nachweis der Gültigkeit an einem separaten Ort gespeichert.
    - "Available to Petition Author" bedeutet, Ihre email-Adresse wird nicht öffentlich angezeigt, lediglich beim Autor
    dieser Petition und an einem seperatem Ort wird Ihre email-Adresse zum Nachweis der Gültigkeit gespeichert.
    - "Public" bedeutet, daß Ihre email-Adresse auf der öffentlichen Unterschriftssammlung angegeben wird und somit
    jeder Ihnen emails schicken kann.

Stewart Metz, M.D.
CEO, Project Bird Watch ,and
    The Indonesian Parrot Project;
eFax 208-445-0898
  is now up in GERMAN!

A lot of work went in to copy this web site for the German people.
If you'd like to see what looks like in German, click




Veterinary Petition against  Parrot Mass Production

In reply to a questionnaire sent to vets across the country as to whether 
or not unwanted parrots or euthanasia is a problem in their areas, we 
received the following letter from Dr. Todd Wolf

"Unfortunately this is a very common problem everywhere.  I 
sometimes wonder if exotic birds should be kept as pets at all 
(a hard statement to make, since I am a bird
owner & my living is made from caring for them).

These are wild animals and many of them adapt very poorly to life in 
captivity. This misadaptation manifests as a huge array of behavioral problems.   The public is never told about the potential problems (noise, 
biting, aggression, self mutilation, mess, etc.) when they are buying a bird. They are only told about the wonderful things (companionship, talking,
tricks, etc.).  This is a big mistake, and it leads to thousands of impulse 
buys by unknowing, inexperienced people, who mean well, but soon 
find that this was not the pet for them.
Unfortunately it's the birds that suffer in the end, and I'm afraid that 
the trend you are now seeing is only the tip of the iceberg.  Itís not 
going to be easy to find homes for the thousands of unwanted birds that 
will be flooding the shelters soon - not to mention that they live a long
time compared to dogs & cats"

Todd Wolf, DVM, ABVP


Folks, I have a request from Marc Johnson.  He 
askes you to print out the petition on the next
page and take it to your Vet to have it signed....

 FOR YOUR VETERINARIAN ONLY.... Please take this petition to 
as many vets as you can and see if they will sign it.  Avian and Exotic 
preferable but all vets are welcome to sign it  We are gathering 
for a media campaign to stop the sale of parrots in ALL warehouse, pet 
supply stores.    It has been enthusiastically received by Avian Vets here in Massachusetts. 

Please have all petitions returned to 

Marc Johnson 
PO BOX 650 
Rockland, MA 02370 

Thank you all..... 

-- Marc Johnson 

To print out the petition click here

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Unterstützen Sie

die vom World Parrot Trust gestartete Kampagne

Die EU ist inzwischen zumgrössten Importeur von Wildfängen geworden und die bestehende Gesetzgebung in Europa ist wirkungslos für die Beendigung der inhumanen und unverkraftbaren Entnahme dieser wilden Vögel.
Der bestehende Handel ist grausam und inhuman gegenüber Zehntausenden von hochintelligenten und geselligen Papageien. Zahlen über die Sterbensrate beim Fang, Transport und der Quarantäne zeigen, dass der Handel weit mehr Vögel betrifft als die Anzahl, die in Käfigen endet. Wildfänge sind generell ungeeignet als Heimtiere, wenn sie in europäischen Haushaltungen ankommen und Tausende (ver-)enden als unerwünschte und schlecht gepflegte Lebewesen.

Nehmen Sie sich bitte einen Moment Zeit und lesen sich in Ruhe mal diese Seite durch. Wenn Sie dann noch die Petition ausfüllen, helfen Sie mit, den noch freilebenden Papageien und anderen Vogelarten ein grausames Schicksal zu ersparen.


Here's another great Cockatoo website

Hier ist noch eine großartige KAKADU-Seite
Die radikale Kakaduseite




Due to lack of good parrot information in Italy, the
World Parrot Trust has requested
be translated into Italian so that people there can
be better informed on parrot care and pitfalls.  Several
people will be working on this project over the next weeks
or months (its a LOT of work) but we hope to be up and
running soon.   This site is flattered that it was chosen
to help and inform people in another country. Who knows,
maybe some day it will be translated into many languages!


Surgical Beak Altering
An Alarming & Disturbing Procedure Being Done To Parrots
Here is a Statement From Dr
Scott McDonald DVM On
The Above Procedure!!

When I wrote the article on "Beak-altering Procedure to Disarm
Aggressive Male Cockatoos", I had no idea of the firestorm of
the controversy it would create in the bird community.
 When the idea for this procedure came about and then when I
performed the surgery and observed the results over a period of 
several years, I truly felt I had a possible solution to the difficult 
problem of cockatoo mate aggression when other management
techniques failed.
My reason for publishing was to share this information with other avian
veterinarians so that they could be aware of something that potentially
could be done as a last resort since options are limited.

 I will admit that at the time I really didn't think about whether this
 procedure was ethically right or wrong, both for the bird or the owner.
 It seemed like a viable way to keep a previously bonded pair of birds
 together by preventing the likelihood of additional trauma to the female.
 I will also agree that I didn't fully take into account or address the
likelihood of pain caused to the male by doing this surgery.  I went by 
what I observed and that was that it seemed like the bird wasn't 
affected negatively in any way by doing this.  But honestly, I don't 
know for sure.

 Over the past six months the internet talk about this procedure and 
ethics in general in regards to the care and welfare of birds in captivity
has been intense to say the least.  I have had the opportunity to read 
the comments from many E-mails sent my way, some which were 
mere hysteria from misinformed people, but others which were very 
thought provoking and have challenged my code of ethical conduct. 
All that I have heard has stimulated me to thoroughly evaluate my 
stand on this issue.

 Public outcry and opinion from both veterinarians and bird owners 
has convinced me that this is not a proper, viable alternative for mate
aggression, not only for the bird, but for the whole aviculture 
community as well.  From an ethical standpoint, I am willing to admit 
that I was wrong.

 I can't take back what I've written about this procedure or my personal
 experiences in doing it, but I will discontinue performing this procedure
in the future and will discourage others from doing so as well.

 I want to personally apologize for the anguish that I have created among
my fellow veterinarians and pet bird owners in regards to this issue.


 Scott McDonald DVM


From Marc Johnson ....

As many of you may know we have been trying to enlist the help of the 
MSPCA in funding for a permanent facility for the work we do here at Foster 
Parrots.  After a letter was sent to Gus Thornton requesting they look into 
assisting our work to establish a rescue effort here in the northeast a group of representatives visited our current facility ( a barn and portions of the house). 
I have been led to believe that the impression they got was that we are hoarding 
these birds.  We of course feel that one of the difficulties of parrot adoption is
that proper care must be made when placing a bird to prevent, as best as we can,
the endless passing or return of the adopted bird.  This means that many of these
birds will be here until we meet their match.  We also believe that a Sanctuary 
effort is needed when there are birds with behavioral problems.  They of course
have a different view as euthanasia is the chosen course of action when faced 
with unadoptable animals. 

We need the help of anyone who knows of our work, the difficulty of our 
job, or anyone who has visited our efforts to please write to 

Mr. Gus Thornton 
c/o Angell Memorial Animal Hospital 
350 South Huntington Ave. 
Boston, MA 02130 

Copies may also be sent to Dr. Julie Dinnage 
and to let him know what you think.  If you have given a bird to us to adopt 
out or if you have adopted a bird from us, please let him know what you think 
of our efforts.  If you have worked with us, in any capacity, or in our efforts to 
refer or place birds in your area please consider taking a moment to let them 
know the national scope of the rescue efforts now being made by ALL of those attempting to do something before it is too late.  I realize this will be an intrusion
and take time for many of you to write him personally but it may make a 
difference if he sees the scope of our efforts and the number of people we 
have touched in the past few years.  Thank you for your time. 

-- Marc Johnson 



As a parrot behavior consultant, I hear *daily*
from people who should've gone to your website prior
to the purchase of a cockatoo.  Thank you for being honest
and going to the trouble of creating this excellent website.
You obviously care about these animals and the unspeakable
sadness of them losing their homes.

Thank you seems insufficient, but that's all
I can think to say!........  Liz Wilson

"Thank you for puting this information up for people to read. 
Although it's a tough, straight-forward point of view, it's also factual,
realistic and honest about the way that real cockatoos are and how 
they often are not taken care of properly.  This is very important. 
Thank you for doing the avian  community a real justice with such 
tough, straight-forward, honest words of wisdom...
Renee Riley, CEO Cockatoos.Org".


If you havent been there yet, please visit
my LETTERS page for some real eye openers!

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