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Lewis, Scott (Old World Aviaries)
Hawk-headed Parrots (Forts.)

Although reported to be capable of being extremely noisy, we have not noticed this yet. We have noticed one of the prettiest calls of parrots with which we are familiar, more like that of a song bird than a typical parrot. However, Hawk-heads do have a shrill cry, which sounds like eeeya and carries well. (Note that noisyness is relative. A bird that is not especially noisy to an aviculturiest may be perceived as being very noisy by others who don't spend their days with many birds of different species.)

Again according to Low, "Hand-reared young are delightful, as tame Hawk-heads can be endearingly affectionate." However, we have reports that sexually mature Hawk-heads can be highly aggressive toward those to whom they are not bonded.

Hawk-headed Parrots are relatively rare in U.S. aviculture. Typical breeder prices for weaned babies range from $1500 to $2000.

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Rückansicht bei aufgestelltem Fächer
Photo © H.-J. Pfeffer, Germany

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